The Perfect Woman’s Guide To Dating! [Infographic]

We can perfectly recall stories told to us by other men or women about the perils of online dating. The difficulty of not seeing the other person personally, the easy misunderstandings that pure emotions and eye contact couldn’t resolve (because the digital instruments we have couldn’t help any), and some troublesome people who “catfish” their way into your lives only to fool you. For women, this are just some of the things you need to be aware of.

Introducing Your Significant Other To Your Parents In Four Steps

It’s that do-or-die time for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend. Your parents are asking about the two of you and would like to meet the person who stole your heart. Parents could be three things. They can be overprotective. They could be skeptical about the other person’s capabilities, or they’re highly concerned about how fast your relationship is going. But you’ll need both your parents’ approval if you want a healthy and stable relationship. Here’s five ways to effectively introduce your significant other to your parents.

1. Talk to Your Partner

Talk to your partner. Tell him or her that you would like to introduce him or her to your parents, but only during the time he or she is ready. Do not be forceful. Let it come as a suggestion. If the other person really loves you, they’ll come around. They’ll tell you exactly when would they want to meet your family.

One way to do this is to talk to them and tell them the strength of your feelings and bond with him or her and then break your plan to them slowly but surely.

Another way is to suggest that you find better security if your parents knew who you were spending time with alone on weekends or during holidays.

2. The Magic Siblings Could Do For You

We’ve received countless stories about boyfriends and girlfriends spending time with their significant other and their siblings for the first time. Introducing your boyfriend to your brother helps you get another perspective about your partner, and their insight is best useful in many situations. If he or she likes your significant other, him or her could offer advice as to how to talk to your parents.

Siblings also size-up your partner if he or she is good for you. If your siblings approve, so will your parents. The best thing about siblings is that they try to understand and have no discrimination or prejudice as much as how parents would due to their overprotective or anxious nature.

3. Talk To The Right Parent

When talking about your significant other, have the right parent know that they’re about to meet your family. Start with your father if you’re introducing your girlfriend to your mother. Start with your father if it’s the other way around. Your parents have gone through the same situation during their younger years, and they may offer you insight on what to do (about your mom or dad as well).

Have this parent meet your significant other for the first time before the more concerning parent. Once one parent likes your partner, the other would follow suit, eventually.

4. Bring His Or Her Allies With You

Your boyfriend or girlfriend will need back-up, and this is when your siblings would come in to help save the day. Invite them to a formal family gathering with your significant other. Your parent, whom you have talked to and liked your significant other, will definitely vouch for him or her.

Make sure each sibling tells something good about your significant other in an indirect way. Talk about his or her industry with the sibling. Have your sibling ask questions about his or her career, his or her stability, even his or her relationship history if he or she is comfortable with it. Filter out the facts to the one parent who hasn’t given approval yet. Eventually, this parent will be convinced, given that the entire family, except for him or her, has already given their approval.

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